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Beginners Pilates

28th Jun 2017 (7:00 PM) - 19th Jul 2017(7:00 PM)

Beginners Pilates

Synergy Physiotherapy
1st Floor
60-63 High Street
TW20 9EX

£49.00 Per person

Pilates is a corrective form of exercise which has become very popular with physiotherapists. Pilates aims to bring the body back into alignment, improve posture & restore an ease of movement to key areas such as the spine, hips, neck and shoulders.

During these sessions you will learn the basics of Pilates. The course educates and supports a person wanting to go on and attend regular classes, or someone who has experienced back pain is moving on from clinical treatment/ rehabilitation or has been advised to start Pilates.

Being taught how to engage the core & importantly to recognise when the core is not engaged is really important for being able to better take responsibility for yourself in a group Pilates class. Good posture is about establishing good habits and the course aims to raise a person's awareness to their postural bad habits, also to recognise and release the unwanted tension that daily life puts on them physically.

You will be able to understand what you are doing when you practice Pilates.

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